Organizing a blood drive is a great way to serve your community and help save lives. Your blood drive can be at a company, school, church, community organization, or public event.

Follow these instructions to organize a blood drive:

  1. Contact an ARUP community relations representative at 801-583-2787 ext. 2639 or email
  2. Pick a date. ARUP schedules events two to three months in advance, so please schedule your event with us as soon as possible. Summer and winter have more openings.
  3. Recruit at least 35 people to sign up.
  4. Secure a location with enough space to park our bloodmobile or an adequate indoor area with tables and chairs.
  5. Spread the word. Distribute marketing materials provided by ARUP Blood Services, which are made available to you approximately three weeks before the drive begins. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to the drive.
  6. Have a representative available to help with logistics on the day of the drive. We provide all the necessary equipment and staffing for the drive, but we appreciate having volunteers to help during the drive.

See our FAQs page for more details on organizing a blood drive.