corona virus

We understand that our donors may be concerned about maintaining social distance due to COVID-19. We want to reassure you that donating is not considered a public gathering.

ARUP is following all guidelines to make safety a priority for our donors, our patients, and our staff. Donating blood is a safe process and the following steps are taken with each donation to ensure your safety:

  • Donor spacing
  • Disinfection of all surfaces after each use
  • Disinfecting tablets and laptops after each use
  • Use of hand sanitizer
  • Use of gloves
  • Use of disposable foil mylar rescue blanket on platelet pheresis donors
  • Aseptic arm scrubs
  • Sterile collection sets
  • Disallowing employees to work if they feel sick or show any symptoms
  • Altered the placement of furniture and equipment to allow for donor spacing of a minimum distance of 6 feet
  • Use of available rooms in the building to allow for more space for donors to wait and maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet
  • Ask donors to schedule their appointments to limit the number of donors at the center at a time
  • Use of personal protective equipment required by regulations
  • Prescreen donors upfront to allow for self-deferral prior to entering the donor centers
  • Discourage donors from being accompanied by family members
  • Encourage donors to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after donation
  • Serve each donor individually wrapped snacks and drinks
  • Each member of our collections staff wears a mask and we are asking our donors to wear masks too